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At IMX Ocean Consultants we carry out various inspections, surveys and audits as per company requirements. We can carry out the inspections/audits for a particular vessel or for the entire fleet on a contract basis depending upon the individual owner or operator preferences.

Through the extensive experience and professional knowledge of our inspectors, we ensure that the inspections are carried out thoroughly to cover all aspects of the purpose for which the inspection was commissioned by the client.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

These inspections are undertaken prior purchasing an asset (ship or offshore) to gauge the exact physical condition of the vessel. This inspection brings forward the true picture and can save considerable amount of money for the client. Pre-purchase inspection of the vessel ensures that the client gets good value for his money and that the vessel being purchased is suitable for the intended purpose. The inspection includes, among other things, thorough inspection of the vessel's hull, scantlings and structures, scrutiny of class records, inspection of the Machinery including their past history and current condition and operating efficiency, and also detailed close-up inspection of each equipment.

Pre-Charter Inspections

Today a lot of emphasis is laid on the vessel inspections prior being chartered by the oil companies to avoid any incidents from happening due to the heavy financial claims and loss of name. To ensure that the best vessels are chartered by our clients to meet their needs and ensure safe carriage of the clients cargo, we carry out the pre-charter inspections based completely on our clients needs. Our highly qualified inspectors who are experienced ex-masters and ex-chief engineers from tankers ensure that we select the best vessels for our clients.

Pre-Vetting Inspection(for Oil, Chem & Gas )

In today's environment of high safety standards and competitive advantage, Oil Major approvals for the vessels have become a necessity much more than anything voluntary. Lack of sufficient approvals from Oil, Chemical and Gas Companies can mean life and death for a tanker Operator in terms of availability of business. Our inspectors carry out thorough inspections on the lines of SIRE, CDI, OVID to appraise you about the current compliances of the vessel for these programmes. We can help you fill the gaps and assist the ships staff in preparing the vessel for the most stringent inspections.

Damage Surveys and Inspection

The experienced IMX Ocean Consultants inspectors are fully competent to carry out the inspections at Owners request for the following damages but not limited to:

  1. Liquid cargo shortage/contamination/damage
  2. Cargo loss or damage
  3. Collision damages
  4. Ship damages
  5. Heavy Weather damages

We can carry out these damage inspections on behalf of P & I clubs to ascertain the severity of damages.

ISM & ISPS Audits( Internal)

In today's maritime industry, safety and security are given the highest priority amongst anything on-board a ship. The ISM code has become the backbone of shipboard operations. So also the ISPS code in ensuring the security of the ship staff, vessel, and cargo and so on. We too at IMX Ocean Consultants believe the same and carry out the ISM and ISPS audits to ensure compliance with the company's Safety & Security procedures. These audits also help in bringing about more awareness to the ships top management about the various company procedures and hence ensuring that the ship remains safe and secure in all respects. The audit findings can be presented in company specific format or in our forms for review by the operator's top management.

Our auditors/experts also attend to the external (by RO / Class) audits to help the ships staff in preparing and conducting the audit in a smooth manner.

Navigational Audit

From times immemorial, navigational errors have often lead to catastrophic disasters causing significant loss of lives and damages to ship, property and environment. The modern complexities of the integrated bridge layouts and addition of many new types of navigational equipment have only added to the problems. Adding the lack of training and familiarisation of the navigational watch keeper enhances the chances of navigational accidents. These problems can be considerably reduced if the company has implemented a robust set of procedures for safely conducting the business of navigation.

To ensure that the company's vessels are navigated as per the Company Nautical Procedures in the SMS, the IMX Ocean Consultants inspectors can carry out a thorough Navigational Audit on owner's request. The purpose of these audits is to identify and rectify the navigational deficiencies well in advance with a view to avoid any accidents or maritime casualties. It is recommended that these audits are carried out in a dynamic situation ( during sailings) to verify the response of the bridge team during different navigational situations.

To help the owners close out the observations, we at IMX Ocean Consultants can carry out onboard as well as shore based training for the Sailing and Office staff. For more details on our training programmes offered, please visit the Trainings section.

ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Audit (Internal & External)

More and more operators are now proactively going beyond the statutory and mandatory requirements when it comes to safety, health and environmental compliances. We conduct the initial and subsequent annual audits for these systems to ensure the ship or office establishment meets the system requirements.

Insurance Warranty Surveys

We undertake surveys of ships and offshore installations to ascertain the overall condition of the hull, structure, machinery and equipment required for insurance purposes. These inspections prove very useful for determining the insurance value of a vessel in today's maritime industry to avoid un-necessary claims and disasters. With our expertise, we ensure that a vessel is insured for what it is worthy off.

Condition Survey

This includes a through survey and inspection of the Hull, machinery, equipment, Safety systems, trading certificates to ascertain the overall condition of the vessel. Such inspection is generally commissioned by insurance companies for loss prevention or before a cover is offered for the vessel.

Suitability Surveys

These surveys or inspections of vessel, equipment or location are carried out to ascertain the suitability and fitness for a specific operations. They are generally required by underwriters and the assured.

Due Diligence

Such surveys and inspections are required by banks, insurance companies, financial institutions to ascertain that the actual condition of the vessel, equipment or asset is as claimed.

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