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With the ever growing and expanding Maritime Industry, unfortunately the maritime casualties are also increasing. To help the Owners and Masters to cope and deal with the same, we at IMX Consults offer the following marine casualty services:

Collisions and Damage to Fixed/Floating Objects

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances collisions do occur in the shipping industry and to help our clients, we carry out investigations on their behalf to find the root causes and determine the corrective actions required to avoid such recurrences in the future. The financial impact of such damages and casualties on the owner/operator are huge most of the times and hence it is best to take preventive action against recurrence of such incidents than to just wait and watch your luck.

Our investigators are well experienced Mariners and Industry experts who, in addition to other aspects, investigate the following:

  1. Navigational circumstances leading to the incident
  2. Ship handling during the incident
  3. Pollution Prevention and Control
  4. The extent of damages and the repair costs

Pollution Incidents

The biggest fear during any casualty is the fear of pollution. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced inspectors and consultants can provide consultancy regarding the spills and advise the Owners in combating the same.

A full investigation can be carried out regarding the incident behalf to find the root causes of the same and determine the corrective actions required to avoid such recurrences in the future and the financial impacts of the same.


Cargo Damage

Cargo damages can result from various factor including bad stowage, handling, carriage, lack of information etc. Cargo damages can give rise to huge claims for the owner, charterers, shippers, buyers and other interested parties. We can help you to reduce the damages to cargo and also the subsequent claims in case of an unfortunate incident of cargo claim. Our team of inspectors and consultants carries with them enormous experience and expertise to handle such situations.



Hull and Machinery Damages

Damages to Hull and machinery are very common in case of an incident and can often render the vessel unseaworthy. At times, extensive repairs are required to the Hull & Machinery to bring the ship or asset back to its operating best. We can assist you make a factual assessment of the damages and also suggest the best possible ways to go about the repairs. Our consultants are well versed with the latest international, class and flag state regulations.

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