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We undertake various types of marine and offshore projects including ships, offshore assets, ports, terminals etc. People with expertise in the particular project or operation are assigned to the projects to ensure the best output and success of the project.

Assessments and Studies

We undertake studies and assessment to find out the different options available, feasibility of the project and assessment of its operations.

These include following:

  • Navigation ( local, Malacca straits, Singapore Straits transit etc)
  • Towage options( Coastal & Deep Sea)
  • Transport solutions for specific Projects
  • Suitable vessel selection
  • Port Operations
  • Marine operations for specific Projects
  • Location suitability for special projects

Documents, Guidelines & Manuals

We can design and develop specific marine operations documents, policies, procedures and guidelines in line with applicable regulations. We can also help you in implementation and continual assessment, review and effectiveness of such documents and procedures.

These includes:

  • Specific guidelines and procedures for critical and complex marine operations
  • Functional requirements for marine operations
  • Emergency preparedness manuals (SOPEP, SMPEP, VRP etc)
  • Prepare and implement Company specific ISM / ISO systems (manuals and procedures)
  • Prepare and implement ISPS procedures on ships and ports (SSA, SSP etc)
  • Operation specific guidelines (COW manual, BWMP, VOC Plan, STS Plan, ETB etc)

Safety, Health, Environment & Risk

Our consultants have range of expertise and experience to assist you in matters of safety, Environmental Management, Health and Risk Management. Our consultants are regularly associated with projects which provides us with a new and unique perspective in handling marine risks.

We can deliver following services in this field:

  • Marine Risk Assessments
  • Navigational Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Marine Occupational Health and Safety Audits
  • Safety Audits for port operations

Technical Bid Evaluations

We can assist in preparation of bid documents including valuable inputs into the technical bid part. This includes various marine related works including salvage and wreck removal, repairs, port infrastructure, marine transportation etc.




Shipyard Services (New Building & Drydock)

We undertake consultancy for supervision of new building projects for different types of ships, including Tankers, Bulk, container and offshore vessels. We can also help you with smooth execution of conversions and dry-docking of your vessels. Our staff has adequate experience on such projects.".




Offshore Project Management

Our team carries the expertise to manage offshore projects including management of SPM /SBM operations, FPSO management, Ship-to-Ship Transfer (Oil / Bulk) and others.

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