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Security of seafarers, ships and cargo is fast becoming a growing concern. Piracy and Hijacking is growing in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea at an unstoppable pace putting the vulnerable seafarer and their ships at an all time high level of risk. Since the GoA and the Arabian are one of the busiest sea routes catering to the highest tonnage on a day-to-day basis, it becomes impossible for the charterers and owners to avoid these routes, thereby putting them under constant security threats.

We believe that adequate security preparation by owners, charterers, ships and seafarers is the best bet to reduce the risk of security threats. To ensure that the Ships and Ports are safe & secure at all times, we at IMX Ocean Consultants undertake the following:

  • Ship Security Assessments (SSA) for SHIPS and PORT facilities.
  • Preparation of comprehensive Ship and Port Facility Security Plans in line with ISPS code.
  • ISPS audits for SHIPS and PORT facility.
  • Arrange for Armed Guards for vessels transiting High Risk Areas like Gulf of Aden, Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean.
  • Arrange adequate and appropriate Insurance cover for vessels transiting the HRA.
  • Conduct Security training for Shore and Ships Staff.
  • Assist operators in developing a security scenario and conducting fully simulated and live ship-shore security exercises.

At IMX Ocean Consultants, safety and security of the crew members is given the highest priority and we undertake security related value added trainings to train the crew members to better prepare them to tackle the security problems like Piracy and Hijacking.

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