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We undertake various trainings and courses depending upon an individual company’s needs. With the growing Maritime Industry, it has become important for the seafarers to keep themselves updated at all times. We at IMX consults, offer the following trainings and courses:


To keep up with today’s fast growing maritime industry, it has become extremely important to add value to a company’s Human resource from time to time to reinforce and enhance the professional knowledge and confidence of a seafarer for ensuring the safety and security of a vessel at all times.

In keeping with above, we offer various value addition training courses for seafarers and company’s management. Some of them are:

  • Familiarisation with Company Safety Management System
  • Familiarisation with Company ISO Management System
  • Marine Risk Assessment
  • Safe Tanker Operations (Oil, Chemical & Gas)
  • Navigational Safety
  • Safety Officer Course
  • Paint Technology
  • Vetting Inspections ( SIRE, CDI, OVID etc)
  • Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA) Familiarisation
  • Vessel Security
  • Tanker Courses (Tankers operations, Tanker demurrage etc)
  • Voyage Analysis - Tankers
  • Demurrage
  • Maritime English
  • Effective Communication
  • Hazards of H2S
  • Accident and Incident Investigation
  • LSA / FFA Maintenance
  • Life Boat Safety


Onboard training is a good means to reinforce the competence and professional conduct of the ships staff. Many a times, it’s a big challenge for the company to arrange shore based trainings for their sailing staff due to the nature of the professional requirements. A good solution to this problem is to conduct onboard training within the work environment. The effectiveness of such training is also improved as direct comparisons can be drawn between theory and practice.

Type of training conducted will depend upon company to company. Training programmes can include various Familiarisations ( ISM, ISPS, ISO Systems), Navigational training, Safety & Security , Machinery, Different Operations etc.

Kindly contact us for your company’s individual training requirements as we undertake all types of on-board training requirements.


Navigational equipments and hence navigational watch keeping procedures have undergone a lot of change in the past few years. It has become a challenge to keep the navigational watch-keepers abreast of best practices. It is imperative that the watch keepers and the Master are put through new and refresher training at regular intervals to keep them abreast of best industry practices and hence ensure that a vessel is safely navigated at all times.

We at IMX Ocean consultants lay a lot of emphasis on the navigational safety of a vessel at all times. In line with this, some of the training programmes we offer on navigation are:

  • Navigational Procedures & Bridge Team Work -Including Recording Keeping
  • Navigational Safety
  • Passage Planning
  • Master-Pilot Relationship
  • Voyage Risk Assessment
  • Bridge Team Resource Management
  • Effective Communication

These trainings can be carried out either at our centre in Mumbai, client’s site or onboard during sailing depending upon the convenience and requirements of the client. Training programmes can be customised to meet the specific training needs and gaps identified by the company through internal or external processes.

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